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Rent a Plumbing Tool in Waterloo

Why Call a Plumber? A to Z Rental Centre has all the supplies you need to fix most plumbing issues, such as clogged drains and pipes. For questions about our rentals, call A to Z Rental Centre today!

Drain Camera (100-Foot)

See what’s really going on in your drains with a 100-foot, colour camera. This 1-1/8” diameter camera with a sapphire lens allows for wide, clear viewing angles. This unit has a fixed, infinite focus, dimmer control, and comes with:

  • Sanitary Nylon Carrying Case
  • 3/8” Diameter Real Sewer Camera Video Cable
  • 9” Colour Monitor with VHS Recorder

50' Power Snake

From rooftop to basement, the Mini-Rooter™ clears lines in your kitchen, bath and laundry. With 50 feet of half-inch cable, the Mini-Rooter™ amazingly only weighs 60 pounds! Visit the Mini-Rooter™ website to learn more.

25' Power Snake

Trouble-free operation and easy handling make the Super-Vee™ an excellent tool for opening clogged sinks, bathroom drains, and even roof drains. The variable speed, double-insulated motor provides complete control for any small line job. Visit the Super-Vee™ website for additional details.

50' Manual Power Snake

The Spin-Drive™ is a lightweight, easy-to-operate manual drain cleaner for 2" through 4" drain lines. A comfortable metal handle on the crank turns the cage smoothly on self-aligning Oilite® Bearings mounted on the front and rear of frame. A convenient carrying handle is mounted on the cage for portability. This manual power snake drive is equipped with Flexicore® wire rope centre cables, ensuring long life, as well as the strength and flexibility to do a good cleaning job.

Toilet Snake

Closet Auger is the ideal tool for breaking up stoppages or retrieving lost objects in clogged toilets. Simply put: this device works where plungers fail. The patented Flexicore® cable is made from two layers of spring wire wrapped tightly around a wire rope centre. It resists kinking and breaking, yet has the right flexibility to get through low-flow toilets. Visit the Flexicore® Closet Auger website for more details.

25' Manual Snake

This easy-to-use hand tool clears sinks and bathroom drains smoothly and easily. The patented collet chuck tightens firmly on the cable with just a quarter-turn. Unlike with a thumbscrew, there is no chance of damaging a sink. Read more about this product by visiting the X-25 Handy™ website or calling the friendly team at A to Z Rental Centre!

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