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Waterloo, Rent a Tiller, Edger, Lawnmower & Much More!

A to Z Rental Centre has everything you need to spruce-up your hedge, create a flower bed, and enhance your outdoor living spaces. We offer rentals of the best lawn and garden brands on the market.

To rent a tool or piece of equipment, call the friendly, knowledgeable staff at A to Z Rental Centre today!

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Our most popular lawn and garden equipment rentals include:

Bed Redefiner

Our Echo® bed redefiner features:

  • 28.1cc Power Boost Vortex™ Engine
  • Unique, Six-Finger Blade Geometry
  • Rubber Throttle Control Handle
  • 59" Straight Shaft with Flex Cable Drive
  • Oversized, High-Impact Nylon Shield with Guide Marker
  • Large, Adjustable Support Wheel
  • 21.6fl oz. Capacity See-Through Fuel Tank
  • 7.75" x 2.5" Steel Blade
  • Replaceable Steel Blade with Carbide Tips


Why use a handsaw? A to Z Rental Centre has a multitude of chainsaw rentals available!

14" Gas Chain Saw

Professional-quality chainsaw — in a new, lightweight design. That’s the power of an Echo®!

14" Electric Chainsaw

No gas required! One of Stihl's® newest electric saws, the E-140 is suitable for a variety of light-duty commercial cutting projects. The wide trigger switch makes for easy operation. Additional options include a quick chain adjuster and side access chain tensioner.

16" Gas Chain Saw

The new CS-370 by Echo® is a mid-range saw that features a 36.3cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine, new G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™, Echo® i-30™ starting system, and a host of other features.

18" Gas Chainsaw

Available in a bold new colour, the CS-400 chainsaw is a mid-range saw that features a 40.2cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine for power and performance, a G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner™ for a longer-lasting engine, a computerized ignition advance system, and i-30™ technology to reduce starting effort by 30%.

20" Gas Chainsaw

This 50.1cc high-performance chainsaw with two-stroke engine features:
  • 20" Bar Length
  • Replaceable Bumper Spikes (Improved Control, Easier Cutting)
  • Slope Advance Ignition System (Automatically Adjusts Ignition Timing)
  • Heavy-Duty, Easy-Access, Automotive-Style Air Filter Extends Saw Life
  • Side Access Chain Tensioner

27" Gas Chainsaw

Our 66.8cc high-performance chainsaw with a two-stroke engine features:
  • 27" Bar Length
  • Side Access Chain Tensioner
  • Replaceable Bumper Spikes (Better Control, Easier Cutting)
  • Heavy-Duty, Easy-Access, Automotive-Style Air Filter (Extends Saw Life)
  • Cushioned Left-Hand Grip
  • Automatic, Adjustable Oiler with Manual Override

32" Gas Chainsaw

This 32” professional chainsaw by Stihl® is designed for the most demanding jobs. Stihl's professional saws offer excellent power in a lightweight package. Also, Stihl's precision-balanced saws provide outstanding handling and reliability under the most difficult cutting conditions. Their excellent power-to-weight ratio and perfect ergonomic form reduce operator fatigue when cutting medium to large-sized timber.


Classen® Turf Rakes are versatile and portable dethatchers. Folding handles make these turf rakes excellent for rental use.


2hp Honda Tiller

It's light, easy to operate, and ultra-compact, but the Honda F220C won't shy away from heavy work.

The 2hp Honda tiller is the perfect little powerhouse for backyard flowerbeds, suburban vegetable gardens, and cottages. You can take it anywhere! Just fold the handles, and it will even fit in the trunk of a compact car with no trouble at all. And the retractable front wheel makes transport around the yard a breeze.

Like its bigger brothers, the F220C is powered by a proven, Honda 4-stroke engine with electronic ignition for easy starts every time.

5hp Honda Tiller

For versatility and performance, you can't beat the Honda F501 Series. The Honda engine in this no-nonsense, mid-tine design gives this model the power and manoeuvrability for every kind of tilling job. And, the Honda F501K2C1 is light and compact enough for easy transportation in a variety of vehicles.

Standard features include three-way adjustable handlebars, narrow, single-speed transmission, narrow gearcase for deeper tilling, adjustable depth bar, quick-release clutch lever, and retractable front-transport wheel.

8hp Honda Tiller

The new FRC800C commercial tiller is designed specifically for rental stores and commercial users who are breaking new ground day after day. It is powered by a dependable GX240 Honda engine, and it tills a 51-centimetre swath. Other features include an extra heavy-duty gearcase and shift lever, wraparound steel bumper guard, as well as heavy-duty tines and tine housing.


Bed Edger (E-Z Trench®)

The bed edger from E-Z Trench® can help you to:

  • Create Beautifully Curved Landscape Beds
  • Redefine Existing Beds with Precision
  • Install Metal or Plastic Edging
  • Install Concrete Pavers
  • Install Landscape Timbers

Lawn Edger (Tru-Cut)

The Tru-Cut lawn edger features an adjustable handle and optional curb wheel adjustment kit to give you the most in precision and comfort. Learn more about this feature-rich lawn edger by visiting the Tru-Cut website today!


Side Discharge Lawn Mower

This heavy-duty, 21-inch, steel-deck, push-type Honda lawn mower is powered by a dependable and powerful Honda GCV160 overhead cam engine. This mower features operator-friendly controls with zone start and automatic shut-off for operator safety. It is highly versatile, with standard mulching or side-discharge capabilities that don't require a change of cutter blades.

Rear Bag Lawn Mower

This heavy-duty, 21-inch, steel-deck, push-type mower is powered by a dependable Honda GCV160 overhead cam engine. Honda's QuadraCut™ mulching system and large-capacity rear grass bag are standard. Rear and side discharge is possible with an optional kit. This mower also has operator-friendly controls with zone start and automatic shut-off for your safety.


Classen® turf seeders make it easy and convenient to seed a new lawn — or overseed an existing lawn. The front seed drop ensures follow-up soil coverage for better seed germination. The unique design of the blades (a cutting edge on both ends) doubles the blade life. The handles also fold easily for portability and storage. In minutes, Classen® turf seeders can be converted to a rake with catcher bag or vertical cutter. Choose between a standard or self-propelled model.

Hedge Trimmers

Echo® Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

  • High-Performance, Commercial-Grade 20" Hedge Clipper
  • 21.2cc Power Boost Vortex™ Engine
  • RazorEdge™ Blades (Long-Lasting Sharpness)
  • 20" Double-Sided, Double-Reciprocating Blades
  • Commercial-Duty Air Filtration System

Electric Hedge Trimmers

16" & 30" Models Available

Articulating Hedge Trimmer

Available in a bold new colour, these new hedge clippers feature a 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine, as well as RazorEdge™ blades for long-lasting sharpness and enhanced cutting performance. Additional features include:
  • Commercial-Duty Air Filtration Systems (Longer Engine Life)
  • Vibration Reduction Systems
  • i-30™ Technology (Starts 30% Faster)


Extendable Power Pruner

The PPT-265 power pruner features:

  • 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex™ Engine
  • i-30™ Technology for 30% Faster Starts
  • 146" Shaft (when Extended)
  • Side-Access Chain Tensioning System
  • Durable Gearcase Cover
  • Adjustable, Automatic Oiler System
  • Ergonomic Rubber Over-Mold Handle
  • Branch Extractor (for Tough Branches)

Manual Tree Pruner

Extendable to 17 feet, this manual tree pruner is designed for high-volume professional landscaping where a variety of trees may require precise pruning. The lightweight aluminum pole has an engineered box shaft design for minimal flex when fully extended. The extendable pole offers a working reach of over 17 feet.

Manual Tree Lopper

With a 12-foot working reach, our manual tree lopper is ideal for high-volume, demanding tree work. The durable extended fiberglass poles can prune branches up to 1-1/4" in diameter.

Leaf Blowers

Echo® Hand-Held Leaf Blower

The PB-251, in a bold new colour, features a low-decibel design for noise-sensitive environments. Additional features include:
  • Grouped Controls for Easy Reach & Operation
  • Parallel Handles
  • Position Lock System to Secure the Pipe
  • Rotational Control for Reduced Gyro Effect

Echo® Backpack Blower

Provides dependable operation and exceptional comfort for long hours of operation. Additional features include:
  • 44cc Power Boost Tornado™ Engine
  • Easy-to-Reach, Tube-Mounted or Hip-Mounted Throttle with Cruise Control
  • 59 Fluid Ounce See-Through Fuel Tank
  • Pleated, Automotive-Type Commercial Air Filter

Little Wonder® Walk-Behind Blower

The Little Wonder® walk-behind blower features an advanced impeller design, coupled with an aerodynamically-constructed housing and curved air inlet. All these features translate to maximum airflow! With its lighter weight and high performance, the Little Wonder® is a huge hit with professional landscapers and homeowners!

Lawn Rollers

250lb Water-Filled Roller

Being lightweight while empty makes this water-filled roller easy to transport and store. Other features include:
  • 18" Diameter x 24" Wide
  • Poly Construction for Rustproof Durability
  • 250lb Drum Capacity (Water)

500lb Tow-Behind, Water-Filled Lawn Roller

Going from lightweight to 500lbs with just water makes this roller easy to transport and store. Other features include:
  • 18" Diameter x 24" Wide
  • Poly Construction for Rustproof Durability
  • 500lb Drum Capacity (Water)
  • Spoke-Wheel Insert Adds Strength & Durability
  • Lightweight when Empty (Easy Transport & Storage)

400lb Steel Lawn Roller

This 400lb, water-filled steel lawn roller is ideal for packing down newly sown seed or new sod. Drum dimensions are 24” x 24”.

Wood Chippers

4" Tow Behind Wood Chipper (Split-Fire®)

Unlike most commercially available wood chippers, Split-Fire® wood chippers are designed to handle the most rigorous conditions. Their anti-plugging design has made Split-Fire® wood chippers the most reliable and safest machines on the market.

Log Splitters (Split-Fire®)

The Split-Fire® 2260 is a self-contained, two-way log splitter with a cycle time between four to six seconds. This is one of the fastest log splitters found on the market today! Its compact design makes it the perfect wood-splitting companion for property owners splitting 50 cords of wood per year or less. All Split-Fire® log splitters feature the two-way splitting action from the knife that splits wood in both directions. Learn more about this log splitter by visiting the Split-Fire® website or calling the friendly team at A to Z Rental Centre.

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